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Fable II Walkthrough and Guide. In Brightwood meanwhile, you can take on the Blind Date quest. This again is not available if you decimated the farmer and his household in the Red Harvest quest, as it's hard to accept a quest from a dead man. Still, head to his farm in Brightwood as before and he'll tell you he needs you to perform a matchmaking exercise for his son as it's high time he was married. His son doesn't want the same sort of partner however, preferring the company of men, and so your task is to hook him up with an eligible man by showing possible candidates his photo. After talking to his son in the barn, make you way to Bowerstone and locate a suitable character to show the photo to. If they accept, travel back to the fable 2 dating and break the good news to the lad. Incidentally, you can show it to a woman and set up the blind date with her, though this will get you 10 evil points rather than the 10 good points you get otherwise.

Fable II Walkthrough and Guide. Fable 2 has many, many options for making friends, enemies, and permanent relationships that will last you over the entirety of the game. Fable 2 dating game features an expression wheel which allows you to effectively convey your feelings to any character in the game. With the main expressions assigned to the D-Pad, and more available using RB, you can purchase various books to unlock extra expressions, and others unlock after certain facets of your personality develop enough, such as your fear factor.

It is only available if you have fable 2 dating the Cold Comfort Farmer quest instead of the Red Harvest quest. It is a quest where you must find Farmer Giles ' son Rupert someone for him to date; he will hand you a picture of Rupert taken by Barnum. At the beginning of the quest you must talk to Rupert, he will hint to you that he is interested in dating, but not in women. You then go to Bowerstone Market to find him a man or woman to date. After a cutscene where Rupert admits to his father both his homosexuality and his hate for farming, both Giles and Rupert will move to the city and Giles's Farm will be available for purchase. Location Unlocked: Completing this quest, purchasing the farm and retrieving the Portcullis Key will allow you to explore the full extent of the Farm Cellar.
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If you mean get a date as in go on a date, just tell the person to follow you, go to their favorite place, and use their favorite expressions. To view favorite places and expressions, target the person and press Y. You will then see a list of likes and dislikes, as well as their opinions of you in fear, love, and attractiveness. No, each retailer is not to sell it before the provided street date. Fable: The Lost Chapters is only a continuation of Fable. It does not have Fable 2 or Fable 3. There are 9 Fable games:. You can find the Hot Date Outfit in Bloodstone. Or in Fable 2 dating, whatever you would like to go to. I hope this works out for you.

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